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Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

Your Pepsi vs Diet Pepsi Challenge

Pepsi vs Diet Pepsi Challenge!

The choice is yours to make can we finally end this debate forever... What truly tastes BETTER Pepsi or Diet Pepsi has been the debate among the hardcore Pepsi drinkers and die hard Diet Pepsi connoisseur's around the world!

You can make a difference with your vote and cast away the doubt of which tastes the best....which quenches your thirst and gives you chills after a long chug?
We all want to know what you think and exactly what your taste buds crave when it comes to a refreshing soft drinks.

We've all experienced that cold slam when your thirst calls out for more and you just can't get enough.

This is what makes you voting for your choice between Pepsi or Diet Pepsi more important than anything else right now because you know what I'm talking about.

What grabs you by the tongue and won't let go?
Which gives you those tingles in your nose?
Which one totally kicks your thirst in the ass?

This all comes down to the count to see which will take the proud position at the top of the soft drink podium and reign over thirst with an iron gulp!

Come on you know which is best! Now vote! You can get some 12 cases of FREE PEPSI!

You need to give your say and make a change. Make this world a better place and prove once and for all that the most refreshing, life changing, mind bending, thirst quenching is……what?
If you want to take the challenge and make your claim on some free drinks while letting us know which is your fave between Pepsi or Diet Pepsi just take the two seconds and visit Pepsi Vs Diet Pepsi and let us know.

It's your turn now to join the many that have already let their voice be HEARD.

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