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Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

Diet Pepsi Vs. Pepsi One: Is it Worth the Single Calorie?

I have never liked drinking water. On top of that, I'm a huge fan of caffeine. But when you read the back label on a can of coke, you can't help but feel like a fat lard sometimes. I knew I didn't need to be consuming all of those carbohydrates and sugars, but I held off switching to
diet soda mainly because of Diet Coke. I'd forgotten about Diet Dr. Pepper, (I don't know how, because it really is quite good!) and couldn't even pretend I'd choke down Diet Coke every day. I'd been drinking Coke and Dr Pepper constantly, and was loathe to give up either.

While on my way to a concert on afternoon, I saw Diet Pepsi in a gas station and decided to try it. It was definitely diet, but I liked the flavor. The underlying soda flavor actually mixes well with the diet flavor. Diet Pepsi became my addiction. I drank it at every opportunity, and started learning which restaurants usually carried it (Arby's, most Chinese restaurants), and which didn't (pretty much everyone else). I carried it in my car, kept it stocked at work, and recommended it to everyone.

The only drawback was the Aspartame. When it comes to my personal use, I'm skeptical about all the reports. I'd be willing to bet they're greatly blown out of proportion, for the shock value. At the same time, I don't let my kids eat or drink things with Aspartame, just to be safe. As I'm sure many parents know, it can be very difficult to drink something you don't let your kids drink. Not only do they question you incessantly-"Why do you drink it if it's bad for me? Is it only bad for kids?"-but on top of that, they're always thirsty! Aside from my children, I was constantly reminded by health-conscious relatives that Aspartame increases the amount of Formaldehyde in your body, and that some studies may show a connection to cancer.

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